Raghava Lawrence

Full Name: Raghava Lawrence
Nickname: Raghava
Date of Birth & Age: 29th October 1976(44 Years  in 2021)
Father’s Name: N/A
Mother’s Name: Kanamni
Marital Status:  Married
Raghava Lawrence Wife Name: Latha
Children: Raghavi Lawrence
Hometown: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Raghava Lawrence Religion: Hindu
Raghava Lawrence Profession:   Actor, Director, Choreographer, Playback Singer
Qualification: N/A

About Raghava Lawrence

He is a south Indian choreographer who also worked in films as an actor, director, playback singer, Composer, and Dancer. He made his debut in the field of choreography in 1993, after which he began looking for acting opportunities. His career in acting began in 1998 in Telugu film. He adopted his nickname “Raghava” in 2001 and started his acting career with many prominent actors and directors in Tamil film throughout his career. He made his success with the film Telugu Style, then Muni. Lawrence is also known for his hip-hop and westernized dance moves and has won four Filmfare Awards and three Nandi Awards for Best Choreography. In 2015, following the death of former Indian President A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Lawrence established a charitable trust in his name and donated ₹ 1 crore. Her Daughter is Raghavi Lawrence, and his wife is Latha.

Raghava Lawrence was born on 29 October in Tamil Nadu, Chennai. Lawrence had a brain tumor when was a child and because of that he rarely went to school. His brain tumor was cured by a diety Raghavendra Swamy and after that in his devotion, he took the name “Raghavendra”. Therefore, afterward, he builds the Raghavendra Swamy Brindavanam Temple in Thirumullaivayal on the route of Avanti-Ambattur, which opened on 1 January 2010.

Raghava Lawrence starting career

He worked as a car cleaner for fight master super subbrayan. Later, Rajnikanth saw him dancing and offered to help him to join the Dancers union. After that, Chiranjeevi offered him a job to become a choreographer for the film Hitler. Later on, pleased with Lawrence’s work, Chiranjeevi offered him another movie that is master to choreograph.

Social service

Raghava Lawrence started his own charitable trust for the physically challenged people and the people who are below the poverty line. He has done many social services activities in which he helped many small children with their heart surgeries. He has also given contributions during the protest in Tamil Nadu in January 2017, he provides food, medicine, and basic needs to the protesters and promised them support till the protest gets over. He loves his only daughter Raghavi Lawrence.

Raghava Lawrence Foundation Phone No, Charitable Trust Address

Raghava Lawrence Movies and Awards:

Filmfare Awards:

Filmfare award for best choreographer south movies Annayya Telugu(2000)
Filmfare Award for Best Choreographer South Movies Paarthale Paravasam Tamil (2001)
Filmfare Award for Best Choreographer South Movies Style Telugu (2006)
Filmfare Award For best choreographer Soth movie Indra Telugu(2002)

Nandi Awards

Nandi Award for best choreographer south movie Annayya Telugu(2000)
Nandi Award for Best Choreographer South Movie Indra Telugu(2002)
Nandi award for best Choreographer South Movie Style Telugu(2006)

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