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Bio Note of Sade Abu

British-Nigerian renowned, Multiple-Grammy award-winning singer Helen Folasade Adu with the beautiful nickname Sade Adu (born January 16, 1959), is a talented singer born with music on her lips.
Her voice carries a smooth, melodic, and excellent rhythm capable of healing the mind and soul. She has performed in many shows, has a cabinet of awards and recognitions. She also doubles as an actress and a songwriter.
She was popular in the 80s and early 90s.

Essential Data of Sade Abu

Full Name: Helen Folasade Adu
Born: January 16, 1959
Age: 62
Birthplace: Ibadan Oyo state Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Occupation: Singer, Actress

Early Life od Sade Abu

Speaks like a British, Sade Adu was born in the most popular West-Africa nation Nigeria. She was born to the Yoruba family of Mr. and Mrs. Adu in Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria on January 16, 1959, a year before Nigeria’s independence from the British colonization. Her father’s name is Mr. Adebisi Adu. Adebisi Adu, by profession, is a school lecturer. He teaches economics. Her mother is a nurse, and her name is Anne Hayes. Sade has an elder brother named Banji Adu.
Few years after her birth, unresolved family issues made her parent separated. Her mother, out of anger, took Sade and her brother away to Colchester, Essex, in England. In England, she grew up with her mother and her grandfather.

Education of Sade

Sade did not have the chance to study in the country of her birth. Instead, after her parents separated, she did her primary-secondary education at a prestigious school in England called ” Clacton County High School.” She then went for her college education at Central St Martin’s College of Arts and Design in London, England, where she studied fashion and designing.

Career of Sade

Sade kick-started her musical career in 1980 with a Latin funk band where she sang Harmony for Arriva. After a while, she joined another music band called Pride. She served as a background singer for the stars of the band. The Music band pride made the headlines for their outstanding performance at a concert in London. A record company presented a contact with Pride, and Sade was pleased with the opportunity, which made her followed bandmates Paul Denma, Andrew Hale, and Matthewman to a deal with the UK-based record label.
The band made their anticipated debut in 1984, with a beautiful song titled Diamond Life and then another hit song titled Smooth Operator. With their major success and encouragement, the band went on with a debut album called “Promise.” A single from the Album Promise (A Sweet Taboo) was exceptional. It was on the UK’s top 100 songs for 90 days consecutively.

Sade went solo a few years later and was successful. In 1986, she was awarded the Grammy for Best New Artist. She released an Album titled “Stronger Than Pride,” a song in the album titled Paradise came top on the US R&B chart that same year.
She released four more albums in her career, with most of them gaining her nominations and awards.

Social Media of Sade Abu

Sade doesn’t talk about her personal life from facts gathered from most of her previous posts. However, she usually shares beautiful pictures of herself and her son. You can reach her social account via;
Instagram: @sadeadu
Twitter: @sadeadu
Facebook: Sade Adu

Personal Life of Sade

Sade may be successful in her music career but not her marriage life. She has been married and divorced twice. Her first marriage was with Robert Elms in whom she wedded in 1980, and due to undisclosed reasons, they divorced. She remarried again in 1989 to a Spanish actor known as Carlos Pliego, yet the Union was unsuccessful as the two penned their divorce in 1995.
Just when people thought all hope was Lost, Sade fell in love again with a Jamaican named Bob Magan. Bob Magan is a music producer and a songwriter. Although Sade had a child for him few months into the romantic relationship, they never got married.
Sade is brown in complexion, her eyes are dark, and her hair is black. She has an impressive height of 6 feet 2inches and looks healthy.

Net Worth of Sade Abu

Sade lives comfortably with her career as a musician, with money not a big issue for her. She has an estimated net worth of $70. In addition, she owns private properties in England and Nigeria.

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