Can Potatoes Cause Constipation?

There are certainly some types of foods that can not be the best for our digestive system unless we had some bad experience eating them, or we are experts of foods, we did not know about the side effects or possible constipation cause.

Potatoes are part integrity of your dishes, and we find them in almost every delicious dish that we prepare, but maybe after some bad experience of constipation, may raise in your mind the question;

Can potatoes cause constipation? No, potatoes don’t cause constipation because they are rich in fiber; a baked medium-size potato has 159 calories, 36 grams of carbs, and almost 4 g of fiber.

From the values given above, we can notice that potatoes can be considered an excellent element for people with constipation problems.

The main reason that causes constipation is the slow down of foods through the digestive system.

Low fibre can cause constipation, but potatoes are not the case.

Will mashed potatoes Constipate you?

No, mashed potatoes should not cause constipation; anyway, it is important to consider the modality with which it was prepared since dairy products may increase the possibility of constipation.

There are various ways in which the mashed potatoes may be prepared; in the majority of the cases, we tend to make it the more taste possible, but there could be some side effects that, at the first appeal, may not be so visible.

One of the most traditional ways to prepare mashed potatoes is adding cheese. 

Since it will increase the overall flavour, we must be aware that dairy products are considered the leading cause of constipation.

This is mainly due to the high presence of fat and low fiber. So, if you are experiencing constipation, it will be best if you don’t use it.

Do potatoes Constipate babies?

The high quantity of fiber on the potatoes should not constipate your babies; the problem may arise if you combine potatoes with butter or other dairy products.

If you are a new parent, it is entirely normal to be worried about the foods that can constipate your babies.

Anyway, until you use natural potatoes, you can be sure that they will not create any problems; instead, they will boost nutrients.

Do potatoes cause bowel movements?

Yes, some studies have proved that due to the quantity of fiber present on it, they can cause bowel movements.

There isn’t a precise number that will give how many times you experienced bowel movements because it depends on many variants.

Some of the most known are:

  • Age
  • Type of foods
  • Level of activity

Sweet potatoes are a beneficial ingredient for fighting constipation, and thanks to their versatility, they can be used in many manners.

Are potatoes easy to digest?

Yes, potatoes can be considered one of the most accessible foods to digest, better if eaten mashed, in the majority of the cases can be digested depending on the age and level of activity in a range of time that goes from 60 to 90 minutes.

The main property that makes the potatoes so easy to digest is the insoluble fiber, which accelerates digestion and makes it more accessible.

If you want to eliminate all the possible causes that may prevent you from digesting, you can try to remove the skin of the potatoes; by making it, you will reduce the amount of fiber present, making digestion easier.

Can potatoes cause gas and bloating?

Bloating and gas are common problems that may give you some nuisance if coming with frequency.

The bloating and gas mainly happen when you eat foods rich in carbohydrates, the opposite case for foods that have more fats and proteins.

Due to the nature of potatoes rich in fiber, and low in carbs, there is little possibility that they will cause you gas or bloating problems.

From my personal experience, I can say that I had some bloating problems with potatoes only when I consumed them mashed and by adding cheese during the preparation phase.

Final thoughts

Potatoes are an excellent vegetable that should be used regularly in your diet; they are rich in fiber and have low carbs. If you were worrying that potatoes were causing you constipation, with high accuracy, it was not due to potatoes, at least you didn’t consume it in large quantities or together with some dairy product.

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