What Are Maggots? How To Farm? & Effect on Chickens

Maggots are the larvae of common household flies and the bluebottle (this fly has more coloration on its skin and has more buzz sound than the common household fly). However, when these flies lay eggs on rubbish, then within 24 hours, these eggs hatch into larvae, and maggots are the grown form of the larvae. Moreover, for human beings, these maggots consider as trash and no more welcome anywhere in a house. But many birds can eat them. And they will be a great source of nutrients for them. As we believe nothing in the ecosystem is without any reason so let’s have a look at that do chickens eat maggots? If yes, then do maggots offer them any nutrients? 

However, chicken can eat maggots, and they will become a great source of protein and essential fat for the body. Not only can chickens eat, but many people worldwide grow their own maggots to feed chicken maggots. In addition, as maggots will grow in large quantities with a little effort, they can easily fulfill the protein and fat needs of chickens on the farm. And owners of farms can save a lot from it.

Do Chickens Eat Maggots?

Maggots are the larvae of household flies and can be grown anywhere on rubbish. As, when flies lay their eggs on rubbish, then within 24 hours, these eggs hatch in maggots. 

Maggots offer a good source of proteins and fats to chickens. However, across the world, owners of chicken farms raise their own maggots to fulfill the needs of proteins and fats. Moreover, as maggots are safe for chickens to eat, so many people raise them in colonies and sell them.

If you want to feed maggots to chickens, then it would be better to raise your own. The reason is that maggots grow on trash, rotten food, and also on decaying animals. So they can carry different bacteria for diseases like limp neck. And also, maggots can carry salmonella from rotten meat and food. This salmonella makes chicken’s food poisoned for humans. 

So that’s why you with the following method to raise maggots you can grow your own maggots. And so that they can’t carry other diseases like limp neck.

How To Farm Maggots?

However, farm your own maggots are not tough instead of that, it’s very easy. For that, you just have a container with a lid and few pieces of meat. If you have fresh meat in the container, then let the lid on for few hours. So that the meat is starting to smell rancid. The reason is that this smell will attract the flies. 

Then place the container in a warm spot where it can attract several flies. And at night or in the evening, take it in a safe place with the lid on. So that no animal like cats, dogs, or any other can harm it. You just have to repeat this for one or two days. After that, female flies will lay eggs on the meat, and you just have to wait for the hatching of maggots.

After that, feed maggots with cornmeal and let them grow until your requirement isn’t fulfilled. However, you can use cantaloupe pieces or any other food instead of meat. As maggots can grow in any type of rotten food. After that, you have to place it on a spot where flies can come and lay their eggs on.

Can Maggots Kill Chickens?

However, the answer to this question depends upon many factors. As maggots can carry bacteria of different diseases if they grow on dead or decaying meat. For example, in chickens, maggots can cause limp neck disease, which can prove fatal for them. 

But if you grow your own maggots, then they will not be harmful to chickens. As, we can raise ecofriendly maggots for chickens also.

Moreover, the answer to this question depends on how much quantity of maggots you offer to your chickens. As overdose of every good thing is terrible.

How Can I Reduce The Risk Of Maggots?

As chickens may love to eat maggots, maggots may get out of their pot and cause trouble in chicken’s coop. However, to handle it, different sprays are available in the market.

Moreover, many home remedies are also available to get rid of them. For example, the water of soap or vinegar spray will be adequate to get rid of maggots.

In addition, mixed the chopped cucumber and water and then sprayed around the coop area to stop the growth of maggots.

Can Chickens Eat Flies?

 As chickens eat maggots which are the larvae of flies, so can chickens eat flies. Yes, chickens can eat flies when they get their beaks on. Moreover, flies don’t have any negative impact on the health of chickens. As, some species of flies are often fed to chickens.

Wrap Up:

Do chickens eat maggots? Yes, chickens do eat maggots. Actually, maggots are the larvae of household flies. And they are a good source of proteins and fats for chickens. So, not only it’s healthy for chickens to eat maggots, but you can grow your own maggots for your chicken farm.

As, it is far better to eat maggots that raise on a dead or decay animal. Moreover, maggots potentially do not offer any harm to chickens. But if they raise on a dead or decaying body, then they may carry diseases like limp neck for chickens.

However, if you want to get rid of them, then you can use different sprays present in the market. As well as some home remedies, like spraying water of soap, vinegar, and cucumber. 

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