Instagram Tricks and Features You Probably Don’t Know About

We all know how Instagram is the most useable application in the current era. However, it is indeed a great application to connect with people and build a stronger community of people with the same interest as you. Well, I have something new to tell you about your favorite application. After doing some deep research, I made a list of Instagram tricks and features you probably didn’t know about. Thrilled yet? 

Buckle up as you can steal these amazing tricks and features after reading this article!

#1: You can Turn on Data Saver

Don’t want to spend hundreds of Mbs while scrolling? Or Don’t you want to run out of your monthly data package? Well, here is the solution. 

We all love scrolling, but only the smartest ones use Instagram’s “Less Data Button.” 

  • Open your Instagram application, go to Settings
  • Click on Accounts, there you will option for Mobile Data Use.
  • Turn on the “Use Less Data” button.

#2: You can see the Former Username for an account

Did you know Instagram allows its user to find out what username anyone used in the past? Well, I clearly didn’t know about this one. The process is straightforward. 

  • Search for that specific account in the Search Bar.
  • You will see Three Bars on the top-right of the page; tap on it.
  • Click on About this Account, and then look for Former Usernames.
  • Here they are! You can see the usernames that person used before on Instagram.

#3: You can Set up notifications for your favorite accounts

Add alerts for your favorite accounts and never miss a new post from your favorite Japanese mascot fan page again.

Love to see Kendall Jenner’s posts and her giggly Instagram Stories? Add an alert for it, though!

Adding alerts for your favorite social media Accounts is the best way to keep up with their Instagram and never miss out on any new posts from them.

  • Search for the Instagram Account you would like to get alerts for.
  • Tap on the “Following Button,” there, you will see the “Notifications” button.
  • Now select the content you wish to receive alerts about.
  • It can be Instagram Posts,  Stories, IGTV, or  Lives.

Now you will never miss out on any update!

#4: You can Hide Old Instagram Posts

Don’t want everyone to see your 13’s embarrassing Instagram Post and don’t want to remove those sweet memories forever? I have a secret for you!

You can hide your old Instagram posts from your profile by using this lifesaver “Archive” function.

  • Go to your Instagram Profile and scroll to the post you wish to hide.
  • Tap on the three dots on the top-right corner of the post, there you will “Archive” button.
  • Your post is now hidden and will only be visible to you.
  • To see all your archived posts, click the hamburger icon on the top right of the page.
  • There you can see all your archive Instagram Posts.
  • You can restore them to your Instagram profile by tapping on the “Show on Profile” button.


#5: You Can Control Comments On Your Post

Tired of getting those cliché comments where random old ladies telling you what your responsibilities are as a mother or father? I bet you wish to hide that embarrassing stuff from your posts!

  • Go to Instagram Settings. Tap Privacy Button.
  • Scroll to Comments.
  • From you can choose to hide offensive and disturbing comments from your Instagram Posts.
  • You can also choose to restrict people from commenting on your posts.

Isn’t that great? You can also pin some inspiring comments for others to see coming from your followers. 

Swipe up any comment under your post to pin it on the top!

#6: You can Clear your Instagram search history

Don’t want anyone to find out that you were stalking their Instagram Profile ever? Go for wiping out your social media search history in an easy manner!

Let me tell you how to do it:

  • Go to your Instagram Profile, tap three dots on the top right corner of the page.
  • Click on Settings, tap Security with a lock icon on it.
  • Scroll to the option “Clear Search History,” from there, you can wipe out all your embarrassing searches from the record.

#7: You Can Make Your Instagram Appear in Searches

Want to be thriving on Instagram? What if I tell you there is the easiest way you are lacking from ages? Here’s how you can make your profile visible on Instagram.

Try writing about your brand or business in your Instagram Bio with your username. 

Let me make it more clear to you!

Suppose you are a writer; you can write “Journalist” instead of your name and add your location. As a result, your profile will appear in searches where people search a journalist or related keywords. That too, simple as that!

#8: You can discover the number of hours you spend on Instagram

We run out of the count of hours we spend on social media in the day. You guessed it right, by scrolling, duh. I brought up this genius feature to discover the number of hours you spend watching that girl eating her Chinese food on Instagram. It goes as:

  • Open Instagram App and click on those three dots on the top right corner of the page.
  • Tap on “Your Activity,” and then click on “Time.”
  • This will show you an average of minutes you spend on social media for a week.
  • You can restrict yourself by managing time or set a daily reminder by this option.

#9: You can turn off Activity Status

Not in a mind space to reply to DMs from your friends? Well, you can do that. Yes! Without having an argument. Amazing right?

Here’s how to do that:

  • Open your Instagram app and go to Settings.
  • Click on Privacy, and then tap Activity Status. Turn it off!

You’re good to enjoy your scrolling without being disturbed!

#10: You can Buy Instagram Followers

One of the greatest Instagram tricks most people don’t know about is buying Instagram Followers for your profile. This trick works best if you want to get famous in no or less time. Most people buy Its Followers to unlock many amazing features of it. Make sure to buy from an authentic website for security issues.

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#11: You can Add Swipe-Up Links Without 10K Followers.

About that Swipe-up feature on Its stories, You can’t add that until you hit 10k Followers, right? Well, I found an alternative for you.

  • While posting your IGTV, insert a link in it this time.
  • You can add a swipe-up link in your story for the IGTV.
  • Add it, and tell your audience about it by making a 15-seconds video on Instagram Story.

If this works for you, go for it. However, the option of unlocking this feature by buying Instagram Followers is always there!

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