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How to Link and promote your Instagram account to other social media platforms.

Instagram is a popular social media app that enables users to connect with the whole world quickly. Instagram is a place that really benefits its users when used strategically. Insta promoter is someone who promotes Instagram. 

 Now, let’s first talk about how Instagram works. 

Instagram is owned by Facebook, so it pretty much uses your Facebook account credentials to set up. As a matter of fact, our data is continuously being monitored by these platforms’ headquarters. Instagram then personalizes the user experience with the help of that data. You often see most of the people in your circle that Instagram suggests you connect with.

If you aspire to start a business online, you know that Instagram will help you run it. You can pull off some strategies to achieve popularity, which play a significant role in making your business succeed. For a business insta promoter are very important as they keep feeds upto date.  Measures like linking and promoting your Instagram account to other social media platforms work a great deal.


Let’s discuss how to link your Instagram account to other social media platforms. Firstly, let’s see what benefits does it give you for your Instagram account. As we all know, there are people of specific demographics who are accustomed to using different social media platforms. Such as, some people use only facebook while some only care about what is on Instagram. Just like that, you are then aware of the different audiences that are on social media platforms. Linking your Instagram account to other social media platforms enables you to achieve maximum reach, that is, the number of people exposed to your content online. Now, this is a chain reaction. When you acquire the maximum reach, there is a high possibility that most of the viewers will actually drop by to check you out. Insta promoter usually do this type of work. 

 Linking your Instagram account is as easy as tagging a piece of attire with a price. 

 Say, you or your business has an Instagram account, and you are online at other social media platforms too. You simply:

 1. Launch your local browser

 2. Type in the URL:

 3. Type in your credentials to log in.

 4. Now look at the search bar, it will be holding a URL that lands on your Instagram account.

 5. Copy the given URL

 6. Paste the URL in the about section of your desired social media platform.

 These days all social media platforms have a feature that links up other platforms. Another way of linking your Instagram account to other social media platforms is using that feature. 

 PROMOTING(Insta Promoter)

Having a business and not having an online presence is a significant drawback. When you have a business, you must make sure that you have an online and social presence. Instagram is one of the platforms, these days, that is surely being checked on when customers do consider to be your potential consumers. Simply, if a business has a nicer Instagram will a big follower count, it’s likely, that your customers will not have a hard time trusting you and your business. So, promoting your Instagram account really affects your business. You get to have a higher reach and when you have a higher reach; you have the potential to acquire more business. 

There are so many ways to promote your Instagram account. Some of the ways are as follows.

 Having an Instagram Business Account:

While having an online presence of your business on Instagram, make sure you flip the “Private Account” feature off. 

 1. Go to Settings by tapping on the three lines option button.

 2. Tap on Privacy

 3. Switch the “Private Account” button off.


 Another way to making your account public is to:

 1. Go to Settings

 2. Tap on Account 

 3. Select “Create a Professional Account”

 4. It will ask you what category is your business, then you select the category accordingly.

 5. Check on “Display on profile”

 And there you have your Instagram business account. This feature unlocks so many possibilities of getting relevant followers to your account. This enables regular Instagram users to find you in the top lists when they are looking for the niche that your business is. 

Instagram details on your website:

When you have a business, building a website about it is a must. Now, when people are browsing about a particular niche that your business is relevant to, and your website makes it be on the top ones, then you must promote your Instagram account thereby mentioning your username or providing your profile URL. What this will do is, navigate the particular person who was browsing, to your Instagram and there is a higher possibility that he might as well starts following you on Instagram.

Use of Email or SMS:

Now, this sort of promotion is called Below the Line promotion which almost anyone can manage to operate. When you promote your business with nicely crafted messages, make sure they are persuasive enough that the recipient actually ends up following you. Emails and SMS are a great way to promote your Instagram account.

Engaging your existing followers:

Last but not least is to engage with your Instagram followers as much as you can. Connect with them. For example, when you are doing something, make sure to include them by having them watch the “behind-the-scenes” content. Post your regular photos. And if you own a business then this work is done by insta promoter. Make them feel valued by arranging, maybe small, Giveaways. Go live on Instagram to really communicate. That’s how your followers will be compelled to discuss your Instagram account with other fellow Instagrammers.  

 Having an online presence makes a huge impact on whichever business you are into. That’s how people these days learn about and manage to trust your business. So, promoting and as well as directly linking your Instagram account is significant. Make sure you read all these easy tips if you really want your Instagram account to thrive. All these tips are fairly easy to practice, and they surely work.

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