How Can I Make My Pants Waist Smaller Without Sewing

You may not know it, but there are a lot of ways to sew with just fabric. You can create new clothes and even fix torn garments! But many people find sewing difficult, so they use simple hacks that don’t require needles or thread to get the job done quickly- sometimes you need an instant solution as soon as possible, right? Well, now we have those, too, thanks to these genius inventions from around the world, which will help turn your crafting into one less thing on deck today.

5 Methods to Make Pants Waist Smaller Without Sewing:

Method 1: By using heat

1st Step:

This is a perfect way to make your jeans fit better. First, you need to wash them in hot water and don’t mix them with other clothes. Also, remember to turn the pants inside out so they are completely covered by water without being torn apart during the tumbling of washes!

The most common use for this method would be shrinking waistbands on pants; however, it can also assist those who have lost weight or gained some extra pounds around their midsection area since we all know how expensive designer clothing has become these days (not exactly something one wants hanging off one’s body).

2nd Step:

After you’ve thoroughly washed and dried your jeans, it is now time to hang them up. If using an electric dryer, be sure to turn the heat up as high as possible for faster drying results. It also helps if they are left in one place without moving or jarring during this process so that any wrinkles can melt away.

3rd Step:

Your jeans will fit as snuggly once they’re dry. After washing and drying them in the hottest settings, wear your pants with confidence to be confident.

Method 2. Boiling Your Pants

1st STEP:

Here’s a variation on the method mentioned above. When you are not able to wash your pants with hot water, then boil them. First, get a big saucepan and make sure they fit into it before trying this out for yourself, though – boiling might not always work if that seems too much like hard work than necessary (which it won’t).

2nd STEP:

Throw your pants into the saucepan, and then add water. Make sure that the liquid fully covers them and turns them inside out to achieve this result.

3rd STEP:

Bring the saucepan on a fire and bring water to boil, letting your pants remain soaking in it.

4th STEP:

The water should simmer for about 20-30 minutes, but if you want an even more potent brew, I recommend making a teabag with loose leaf.

5th STEP:

When you are done cooking, put off the fire and bring down your saucepan to touch with a stick. Leave for about 5 minutes until water cools before removing from pan using jeans as leverage because they’ll still be too hot but won’t burn yourself.

6th STEP:

Sometimes it’s difficult to know the best way, but luckily, these tips will help you get rid of your wet clothes without ruining them. We recommend drying jeans pants in a drier at their hottest temperature level and leaving for as long or air-drying instead- check with care instructions first, though!

7th STEP:

After you wash your jeans, they will feel like new again. The stretchy denim fabric has a certain degree of elasticity which allows it to return to its original shape after wearing them once or twice; however, if not washed regularly, this process may take up more time than desired due (in part) to shrinking and becoming tighter around the waistband area where there’s usually looseness from wear before washing–making those favorite old pair no longer as comfortable when put on fresh out of storage.

8th STEP:

The more you wear your jeans, the less effective this method will be. You’ll need to wash them in hot water every time for them to fit perfectly around waist-level where there’s most constriction happening with each wearing of said garment.

Method 3. Using Your Belt Loop

1st STEP:

As you wear your pants at the waist level, it feels slightly loose. You realize that after wearing them for an hour or two, things are starting to feel normal again and not too tight anymore.

2nd STEP:

Put the belt loop closest to where you button in an underhand knot to fit into your pants better and pass it over. This will reduce waist size!

3rd STEP:

You can use the loop method to keep your pants from falling when you’re not wearing a belt. Just put it through one of those metal rings on either side, then tuck away all loose ends, so they don’t stick out like crazy.

Method 4: Using A Rubber Band For Jean Tightness

1st STEP:

As you wear your pants at the waist level, it feels slightly loose. You realize that things are starting to feel normal again and not too tight anymore after wearing them for an hour or two.

2nd STEP:

Tie a rubber band around one of the belt loops near where you took off your belt (which means like 3 inches away from the buckle). This is for tightness!

3rd STEP:

When your pants feel too big, release the rubber band, and they fit better.

Method 5: Use a Spoon to Tighten Your Pants

1st STEP:

Hang your pants on a hanger and get out the spoon. Two spoons will do if you have an awkward space where you can’t get both hands in there together.

2nd STEP:

Put the rounded side of the spoon against the inside of one thigh, about six inches above your knee. Hold it tightly with one hand so that it doesn’t slip away while you’re doing this. Keep your fingers out of the way- they’ll hurt! With your other hand, grab hold of whatever waistband is closest (normally back or front) and push down hard while pulling up strongly with your arm muscles to tighten them around that area. You’ll notice that the waistband is no longer sitting on top of your pants but more or less inside them.

3rd STEP:

When you’ve done this with both hands, just let go of the spoon, and the rest is natural – gravity will cause it to drop back into place. If any areas need touching up, repeat the whole process until they’re firm enough for you!

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