Complete Facebook Advertising Guide for Dropship Sellers

Attention all the dropshipping sellers! Are you thinking of marketing your dropshipping store through Facebook ads? Well, if yes, you must be looking for a complete guide about how this whole thing works. We know that Facebook is one of the biggest platforms that contributes a lot in providing a one-stop-shop for advertising campaigns. We are here to discuss the major and minor details of the subject in detail so that you can get to know what you would have to do to run ads campaigns for your dropshipping store. With no further ado, let’s get into and learn the tips and tricks of advertising your dropshipping store through Facebook!

Why using the Facebook platform for advertising?

The first question that must be popping in the new dropshipping sellers’ minds would be about why choosing Facebook for advertising. Well, there is a list of features that attract advertisers to choose this platform. The following is a list of all these features that will attract you to choose Facebook to improve your ROIs.

Active and engaged user base:

The best thing about Facebook is that it has a super active and engaged users base. People spend a lot of time on Facebook and show interest in the ads. That’s why it is the apple of advertisers’ eyes, and they choose it for quick response and enhance ROIs. If you use Facebook for your advertising campaigns, you can target all those active users for your niche who would be ready to buy your products and give hype to your dropshipping brand.

Target the customers based on demographics, interests, and behaviours:

Targeting is pretty easy on Facebook like you can easily target the most precise customers for your niche. You can target the people using demographics, interests, and behaviors, and in this way, only the people who can convert into your potential buyers will see your ads. This precise targeting will improve your chances of exposing your brand to the most relevant people and getting quicker and higher responses. That’s why advertisers prefer using Facebook as a marketing platform.

Quick in generating brand awareness:

Another best thing about Facebook advertising is that this platform is quick in generating brand awareness. Even if you start from zero, you can create a Facebook fan page and run ads through the Facebook ads manager. It will help you target your potential buyers and drag them to join your Facebook page. In this way, you can create your own page where your buyers can directly contact you and order the products.

Easy to use:

Although many platforms are there in the market that can help you in advertising, one of the significant reasons for choosing Facebook for ads campaigns is that it is quite easy to use. Every campaign design is subdivided into three stages. Each stage is pretty straightforward, with no complications. Everyone can easily understand the interface because it is simple and intuitive for the users!

Facebook ads campaigns structure:

The next important thing to know about is the structure of the ad campaign. Facebook ads structure is divided into three stages as mentioned below:

Ads campaigns:

In this stage, you determine the objective for the ads. You can choose from page likes, lead generation, and website traffic. The ad objective is always selected based on your business and your marketing goals.

Ads set:

At this stage, you select the right and relevant audience for your products. You can target the audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. Even you can select the origin of the audience that you want to target. In this way, you will get the most precise audience for you.


At the ads stage, you make the content of the ads. It can be a static image or a video to drive traffic to your brand. Make sure to use the best quality and attractive photos so that people can have a better first impression of your ad. Keep in mind that the quality of content you use in your ads also affects the ROIs.

How to target the right and relevant audience for your dropshipping store?

The most common issue that most of the newbie dropshipping sellers complain about while running ads is targeting. Obviously, targeting needs enough attention, dedication, and precise stats to target the relevant audience from all over the world. Now, you will learn about the minor details of targeting that would help you target the right audience for you! Let’s get started!

Focus on demographics, interests, and behaviors:

Facebook is incredible enough to target your customers using minor details of them like demographics, interests, and behaviors. Suppose if you want to sell a skincare product, you can target the people interested in skincare, makeup, cosmetics, and the betterment of their skin conditions. According to behaviors, you can target beauty clinics, dermatologists, and skincare experts. In this way, Facebook will show your ads to all the most precise people who are truly in need of your product. This right targeting through demographics, interests, and behaviors will improve your chances of converting the visitors into your potential buyers.

Geographic targeting:

It is best for the people who want to target the local customers. For example, some people want to run a local business, while others want to target a worldwide audience. Geographic targeting helps you to determine the area in which you want to run your ads. Suppose if you run a skincare business in the USA and you want to sell your newly launched skincare product in the local market. You can set the geographic limit of your ad to the USA only, and your ad will show up to the people who live in the USA and have an interest in skincare products.

Custom audience:

Facebook also allow you to target your customers based on the list of emails you have. You can easily target the people who have already interacted with your to buy some product. Your custom audience will consist of the people who have previously contacted you by any means, the people who have positively rated your products or checked in your Facebook page. This feature of Facebook marketing makes targeting a lot easier and quicker for advertisers.

The budget factor:

The most important thing in the whole ads campaign is the budget factor. Everyone is conscious about the budget. Facebook gives you two options. Either you select your budget by yourself, or you allow Facebook to set a budget according to your marketing goals. In this way, you can easily know how much budget you need to run your ads.

What are the different types of Facebook ads?

After discussing the ad’s objective and the details of targeting, you need to learn about the types of ads you can make. Knowing about the types of ads will help you choose the one that goes the best with your marketing goal.

Static images:

The first type is the one in which you use only static images. These single image ads are the standard ads type. It is the easiest and the quickest way to make ads. It is the most effective way to promote your brand because you can add text to your image and deliver all your brand messages to people. These single image ads drive unique traffic to your product, and you get enhanced ROIs. It is for the people who don’t have enough time and budget to hire a video maker to make a video for their ads. You can take less time to create the ad and run it instantly. While creating single image ads, ensure the quality of the image to drive enough traffic and customers to your brand because the Facebook audience never welcomes bad quality images.

Video ads:

Video ads are another very unique type. It is effective when you had to deliver the whole brand message with your product description. When you want people to know about the details of the products deeply, you should use video ads. You will get a higher margin to deliver your message. It attracts the viewers more than a static image because they can find enough information in a video which is not possible in a static image. You can make 15-30 seconds videos and capture your customers by telling your brand story and adding a call to action.

Carousel ads:

Here comes the third type of ads which is carousel ads. These ads are mostly used for companies or brand that want to sell more than one product at a time. Through this type of ad, you can present more than one product in a single in the form of a slide. You can add up to 10 videos or images in a single ad set using carousel ads.

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