How to Write a Good Movie Analysis Essay    

Different things should be considered before starting writing a movie analysis essay. First of all, you have to watch a movie entirely, either you have already watched it many times. Sometimes, teachers assign an essay topic to write about, and sometimes students are free to choose it. If you are free to choose a topic, try to read some critical reviews before watching the film. In this way, you will know what to focus on while watching the film. 

When you are watching, try to focus on the following;

  • Your impression of the film
  • Notable points of the film
  • The main message of the movie 
  • What do you think about it?
  • Evaluate plot, setting, and characters
  • Similarities of this movie to any other film


A good movie analysis essay includes a logical order of events, scene completion, characters’ progress, dialogs, etc. Hence, you should examine these basics when talking about the situation. 

Although film analysis is parallel to literary analogy, you will still be confused about where and how to start. To get more help, students can google help me write my essay. Moreover, here are some key steps that should be considered to write a good movie analysis essay.

How To Create a Film Analysis Essay Outline?

After compete watching a movie from an analytical perspective, you have to develop an outline of it as; 

  • Introduction: The introduction of your film analysis essay must include basic points about the film, such as its title, release date, and director’s name. In this way, the reader will get an idea about the background information of the movie. Moreover, you should also try to highlight the main summary of the film and explain the motto of this movie. It will be good if you express your idea about its main theme. In the final lines of your introduction, you must include the thesis statement. 
  • Summary: Now, it’s time to explain the analysis of your essay and summarize it thoroughly. Here you should not skip any important point that may distract your professor or reader. Let’s suppose that your professor did not watch a movie to make it more easy and powerful. In summary, to cover each and everything, focus on the major five Ws; who, when, where, what, why, and how. Now, you can easily talk about anything regarding your thought, structure, and outline. Try to support your opinions with examples and quotes from the movie. All these will be like a defense wall for your ideas about the movie. 
  • Analysis: Analysis is the central point of your essay, which revolves around the critical analysis of the movie and impressions about it. But you should support all of them by claims from the film or any other relevant, trustworthy resource. This is the core of your essay that involves your critical analysis of the film and impressions about it but is supported by claims from the movie or any other relevant material. That’s why you should focus on the following;
  • Situation – A good movie analysis essay includes a reasonable classification of events, scene completion, characters’ progress, and discussions. After watching the film, you should recreate the plot mentally and understand and explain the logic behind the movie. 
  • Directing – A director is responsible for all movie aspects, like situation implementation, plan selection, and script for the actors. Here, you should concentrate on the director’s logic, how he realized the script, or his sense of comparison of this movie to all others of the same genre. All this will help you sum up your thesis statement and analysis. 
  • Acting – Acting is also another essential point of your essay analysis. These are the actors who give life to the director’s idea and his script. So, after watching it, it analyses whether they perform realistically and their performance resembles the theme of the movie or not. 
  • Musical elements – This part of the movie displays the director’s mood and emphasizes the particular action of the movie set. 
  • Visual elements – Visual elements like particular effects, get-ups, and makeup show the movie’s atmosphere. 

But you should ensure that your analysis of the elements is just related to the thesis statement. Else then, you may drift away from the main idea of the movie. 

  • Conclusion: Finally, restate your thesis statement and sum up you already mentioned concepts in a new and cohesive form. In this way, you will make a case of your analysis. Your conclusive part within 4-5- lines will highlight what you said overall in this document. 

Final Thoughts

By following the tips mentioned above, writing a good movie analysis essay will become a fun activity for you. We have clearly described the analysis structure, the point to be focused on, the central idea of your essay, and the conclusion. Now it’s up to you how to perform to get good grades. 


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