How to Tell if Your Car is Totaled & Insurance Claim

Do you know the procedure for claiming your insurance? If you have ever experienced a car accident, then you would obviously know this. One of the foremost steps is to check whether your car has been totaled or not.

Because Insurance companies do not pay for the repair of those cars that have been totaled, you can tell if your car has been totaled or not yourself by these simple signs. Knowing these signs will help you to negotiate with your insurance company. So. Let’s get started.

When is a Car considered Totaled?

A totaled car is a car that is considered to be a total loss after something unexpected happened. An insurance company determines a car to be a totaled car when the total repair cost of a vehicle is more than the actual cost of the vehicle.

How do insurance companies determine the value of a totaled car? Mostly, it is the average repair cost of a car. Repairing costs include the Cost of Replacement Parts, salvage value, and labor fees. These are the basic fees that include all insurance companies to determine a car totaled. If the cost of repairing is more than the actual cost of a vehicle, the insurance company will refuse to pay for repairs.

Signs your Car is Totaled or not!

1. Blocking View of Driver

If any part of the car blocking the driver’s view or your car doesn’t even start to drive to the nearest workshop, then there can be the possibility that your car is tolerated. 

2. Fluid Leaking

Keep checking your car for fluid leaking. If you observe any fluid leaking continuously from the car in substantial amounts, then your car is at the risk of being tolerated. It’s also alarming you to get ready for some expensive repairs to your car.

3. Extensive Damage to Car Frame

If there is extensive damage to your car frame, your car is totaled because it takes a lot of money to rebuild a car frame, especially if you have a five-year-old car. After all, the cost of repainting and rebuilding the frame of a 5-year-old car is up to $10,000 or more. That most insurance companies don’t want to pay.

4. Car Age

If your car age is between 15-20 years and has severe damage, then there are high chances that your car will be totaled. The cost of repairing the old cars can be even more expensive than the actual car cost. Well, enjoy your ride if you have an up to dated car model. 

5. Look up the value of Car on Kelley Blue Book

Look up the value of a car after an accident; you can get an idea from there if your repairing cost is more than your actual vehicle cost or not. You will be asked about your car condition before the accident.

With Kelley Blue Book guidelines, you get an idea of what you can expect from your insurance company. But that does not mean you can fully trust it because every insurance company has its private book to determine the value.

6. Show your Car to an Autobody Specialist

If you are not getting the correct cost of your Car repaired from Kelly Blue Book. Then, you need to show your car to an Autobody Specialist to get the estimated price of repairing your car. Calculate the total cost of repair and compare that price with your car’s actual price.



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