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How to optimize for voice search and other SEO Tips for 2022

A decade ago, if someone says you can speak with a computer or watch, you would be laughing at them.

But now, that’s the new normal. 

You can speak with your computer, watch, mobile phone, and intelligent device.

The evolution of the internet and technologies has made everything possible.

Voice search is a rapidly growing search type.  

Voice search optimization is crucial to improve your overall SEO strategy and get higher rankings in the search results. 

The latest stats tell us that, while driving, 52% of the people use voice search.

And, nearly 50% of the people are using voice search for research.

In today’s world, everyone has a smartphone in hand and uses the internet for shopping. 

51% of the consumers use voice search to find a local business near them.

And, 54% of the consumers use voice search to make a reservation at the restaurants.

Whether you’re a local business or startup, or organization, it never matters.

If you’re not accompanying voice search with your SEO strategy, then definitely missing significant revenue and traffic to your site.

Proper voice SEO tactics offer a considerable boost to your overall content marketing efforts and help you acquire more traffic from the search engines. 

This blog will speak about voice search optimization and 5 crucial tactics that must entangle in your 2022 SEO strategy.

What is voice search optimization?

Voice search optimization is the process of having your content featured in the search engine results page for relevant voice search queries and near me searches. When your content ranks as a featured snippet, it is read aloud by voice assistants, smart speakers, or other voice search devices.

Here is an example of a voice search query:

Imagine that you’re attending a business meeting in Boston, or you’re enjoying a vacation in Spain. 

All of a sudden, you crave a lot. What would you do?

Obviously, you would take out your smartphone and search “restaurants near me.”

It will show you a list of places to choose from. Then, you will be looking at the reviews and ratings of various restaurants and will get confused about which one to choose.

But, with the presence of the voice search feature, LTE, and location technology.

You can ask the device, “What are the good restaurants near me?”

This will help the search engine show you the best result based on the reviews and ratings. Then the maps and location technology will guide you to the restaurant.

How does voice search work?

Voice search begins by the searcher enters a voice command (a voice search query) in any voice search device like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Microsoft Cortana, etc. Based on the query, the voice assistant reads out the direct answer returned by the search engine. Therefore, voice search provides users with an exact answer to their questions.

How to optimize your site for voice search?

Long gone are the days of creating content for keywords. 

Google update and semantics are looking only for relevant and quality content. 

It’s the same pattern that’s used for voice search as well. 

The voice search result will be based on the relevancy of the search. If your blog post is informative and answers the audience’s question, it will be ranked and shown as a result. 

However, to optimize your website for voice search, you must focus on the website’s mobile version.

Because google’s mobile-first indexing update prioritizes ranking websites optimized for mobile devices.

Then, you have to create content in a conversational form. People using voice search would get a personal touch and feel like a person is talking to them if the content is conversational. Thus, enhances the user experience.

Voice SEO tips to follow

Here are some of the tips to optimize your content for the voice search:

  1. Focus on long-tail conversational keywords

Optimize for voice searches by focusing on long-tail conversational keywords. 

When people use texting, they will be using short keywords to search on the search engine.

For example, iPhone 12 specifications.

Perhaps, while using the voice search, they will be using long-tail keywords to search.

For example, “What are the specifications and benefits of the iPhone 12?”

Can you see the difference?

So, focusing on a long-tail keyword will benefit the SEO ranking factors and help Google crawl, show exact and relevant answers to their users. 

  1. Target question keywords

The voice search will let the audience with a single answer without giving a lot of options. 

People use the internet to clear their doubts and know the thing that they don’t know.

When you choose long-tail keywords that start with ‘what,’ ‘how,’ ‘why,’ ‘when,’ and ‘where,’ that will be more engaging and meet your audience search.

By preparing content around the interrogatory statements, you’re increasing your opportunity to be shown as a voice result.

Immense research is required to know what your audience is looking for and then answering them directly.

  1. Optimize your Google My Business listing

For a local business, optimizing Google My Business listing is crucial. 

When people use “What is the best shopping place in the local area” or “What is the best shopping place nearby,” Google will first crawl My business list to the user. 

So, as a local business, you must create a Google My Business listing and fill in details on the profile.

People will be looking for the address, contact details, and name of the shop. If you have filled in the information on the profile, it will be easy for them to contact you. 

When people use Google voice search to find a product that you’re selling. Suppose you have good reviews and ratings filled with the right keyword for your business. In that case, it will show people your business in the exact geographic location.

  1. Create FAQ pages

By preparing a FAQ based on the Interrogative formats, you can answer the common question or queries that the people have on their minds about your business. 

To do that, you have to do comprehensive research about your audience and all their quests.

You can use google suggestion list, and people also asked list on your FAQ’s list. As the list contains the question that your audience has also asked frequently. Using that, you can cover most of the areas.

People want immediate, direct, and short results. By preparing content based on that, you can immediately meet people’s needs and wants, and thus your chances of ranking on the voice search will be high.

  1. Optimize for featured snippets:

The content on the featured snippet will probably be the result of people using voice search. 

You have to write content for ranking on the featured snippet. 

It doesn’t mean that you have to rank in the first position for the featured snippet. Over 70% of the featured snippet didn’t come from the very first organic result. So, you have a chance if you keep your content relevant and also short.

Your feature snippet answer must be under 100 words and direct. 

Fluff words will limit your chance to rank for the featured snippet. So, be clear, crisp, and concise with your answers to your questions.

Second is the list posts that have the chance for ranking on the feature snippets.

Don’t forget to add visuals. It will also improve your 27.58% of the time the featured snippet is shown with a picture.

Use stats, graphs, and tables to show on the featured snippet.

Final thoughts

Voice SEO is significant for local businesses because it improves their brand presence for near me searches. For larger businesses and multinational brands, voice SEO should be a part of their digital marketing strategy since it improves branding and helps in new customer acquisition. 

Every year, the number of people using voice search is increasing. You have to make use of it. Using voice search, you can grow your site’s traffic. Which will lead to high conversion. High conversion means higher revenue. 

If your website results in the voice search, it will make you authoritative in your industry. That will also help you in drawing customer’s attention and high conversion results.

Never miss a chance.

The competition in the digital world too is getting higher and higher. 

Use it and thrive!


Helen Gallegos

Copywriter | Social Media Expert | Writer | Blogger

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