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How to Increase Your Instagram Followers and Get More Sales!

Many new users of Instagram, especially those building their first page there, are wondering how to increase your Instagram followers and likes. They are probably asking themselves if it’s a fair trade to pay for all the platform’s benefits. In short, yes. There is no other social media platform that can give you so much for so little. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional business owner or an artist trying to sell art; Instagram is the best place to reach your audiences and increase your business.

More Attractive to Users

As a new user, the first thing you need to understand about Instagram is that it is a place to connect with your followers. It is the place where you’ll post your daily shots. From those posts, you’ll invite others to like your page. Each time your followers ‘like’ something on your page, it automatically becomes visible to them in their news feed, on their timeline, and their profile page.

That’s powerful! Imagine how many new contacts you could make throughout just one week! The real power of this application lies in the fact that you’re not limited to simply posting up-to-date pictures.

You can add videos to your page as well. The secret to making these successful pages lies in the content you share on them. Unlike some other social networks, the great thing about Instagram is that you can upload pictures and entire pages worth of content. People can comment on your posts and share what they see. This not only makes your page more attractive to users searching for images, but it also makes them feel like they know you personally.

Reach that Target Audience

On the flip side, some people are uncomfortable with the idea of sharing their entire page online. If you feel this way, you don’t have to worry because you can limit your exposure to your target audience by posting just the right amount of information in each post. For example, if you wanted to get your best friend’s attention, you wouldn’t have to post thousands of images.

You would use a few select ones and hope that your friend will notice. So now that you understand why it’s important to get more followers for your page, you can start figuring out how to increase your Instagram followers and see results quickly. To get started, you need to pick a page you’d like to make available to others. This page should have images related to your niche and be filled with helpful, quality content. This will allow people to trust you and start to follow you to reach that target audience.

Spend a Little Time Building Relationships

You should also fill your page with content that’s easy for your followers to digest. A lot of times, people are turned off by long posts. Instead of posting long posts, you should choose shorter ones that get to the point quickly so that people can digest them.

Even if your page is a sales page, you should choose posts related to your niche market. Now that you know how to increase your Instagram followers and post quality content, you need to spend a little time building relationships with those who visit your page.

The easiest way to do this is to send your followers short private messages. This doesn’t have to be a sales solicitation; instead, send them a message saying something like “Check out the updates on my page” or whatever your specific interests are.

Another key strategy for increasing your Instagram followers and getting them to join in on your conversations is to encourage them to invite their friends to see the posts they make on your page. This is the best way to draw attention to your page and create a sense of community.

If you’re a fashion stylist, for example, you can post photos of your latest pieces. Interested people will ask their friends to follow you on Instagram, and when they do, they can see your updates in the feed – and possibly buy a product advertised on your page!

Keeping your Content Interesting and Engaging

One of the best things about Instagram is that it allows you to connect with your customers on a more personal level. For instance, if you’re a makeup artist, you can create posts that include recipes, comparisons, and other tips for different types of makeup. People will be thrilled to see that you’ve made an effort to share your expertise. If you’re a wedding planner, you can share details of your upcoming events.

Or, if you own a fashion boutique, you can talk about what’s selling and show off a range of clothes. Keeping your content interesting and engaging will build a loyal following that will turn into profitable customers.

Another way to attract more followers to your account is to make sure that your page is constantly updated with new content. The best posts are those that are written by you or inspired by you. Keep your page fresh by sharing content that is interesting and informative.

People will want to stay current with what you have to say on your page, and they will feel a strong connection to you as the person behind the page. As they come to know more about you and your thoughts, they will want to visit your page to see what else you have to say – and soon, you’ll find that your business is well on its way to becoming one of the best-loved pages in the Instagram universe!


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