Oxford mainly offers those resources readily available to undergraduate students and cannot entertain graduate students with them. The speciality of Oxford is their tutorial system, where scholars spend time with their tutors every week. 

Why Oxford?

Oxford resources are like an umbrella under which all the well-researched, unique and supportive environment gets combined. As an Oxford undergraduate student, you will be part of those prestigious departments. You will be a member of your academic department as well as the student community. 

What courses are you looking for?

Be assure about WHAT you want to study at Oxford. You will be spending most of your time exploring these subjects you opted for in your course. A course is generally one academic subject (like Mathematics or History), but some systems combine two or more other topics (like Physics and Philosophy). Most undergraduate courses have a three-year duration, but Science courses take one more year because of research work to gain the master’s degree. 

Which college is best for you in Oxford?

Oxford University comprises different colleges that spread across the city of Oxford. Every building includes gardens, a dining area, private accommodation, a library, a standard room, and a bar. 

What are the entrance requirements?

Your dedication, hard work, and knowledge about your subject will land you in Oxford. Most Oxford courses require written work or standardized tests such as The SAT or ACT combined with AP (ADVANCED PLACEMENT) TEST. 

What are their selection criteria?

Another difference from the US is that they don’t award extracurricular activities. Your test performance and future tutor will be making decisions about your admission and interview. 

What is Universities and Colleges Admissions Service?

UCAS is a UK-based organization whose primary role is to operate the application process for British universities. 

How complex is the UCAS application process?

UCAS works like an ordinary app, and you can apply to different UK universities with one online application but at an additional time of year. The UCAS application process divides into steps. Firstly you provide a detailed record of school credentials and a personal statement or cover letter. Then, in the UCAS application, a section reserves for references from your counsellor or teacher. OCTOBER/NOVEMBER: these two months are for registration and admissions tests. You have to register yourself before 15 October, and for the examination, you can sit in any registered school in the US or registered open centres in the USA. 

DECEMBER: This month, all the UCAS applications are reviewed thoroughly, thereby shortlisting candidates for Interviews. You will get an update of your application in late November about being shortlisted for an interview or not. Selected candidates have two choices. First, if they can come to Oxford, they will welcome you, and another option is to choose Skype. 

JANUARY: This month, you will hear decisions whether or not your application has been successful.

Do you need to worry about fees and funding? 

Oxford university fees are comparatively competitive with US universities, and US students pay university fees at an international rate. Therefore, if a US student faces some financial issue, they can apply to the US direct loan program. 

How does student life look like in Oxford?

The student spent their life in the individual Oxford colleges, where you would live and make your first friends at least in your first year. Each college has several clubs and societies.

What careers to pursue after Oxford?

The Careers Service offers Oxford graduates lifelong careers advice and enables you to find can help you find an internship, learn business skills and land your dream job.


How to apply for Graduate and Post Graduate?

First, you have to create your account and follow the process of the application form. www.graduate.ox.ac.UK/apply online.

How many Oxford programs does it offer?

Oxford offers 200 courses at the Graduate Level and 120 at a PhD level.

Which Oxford College is best?

Based on your master’s program, you will be part of any college that will provide you with teaching and supervision. Some colleges are for graduates only. Others accommodate both graduate and undergraduate. 

How much duration of each program?

Oxford Graduate programs are short, usually one year. Some are up to 2 years. Master-level students attend lectures and seminars, assessed according to their course work. In addition, PhD students meet daily with supervisors to complete their thesis or research project.

Are references an essential part of the application?

After selecting the right program, you have to give details about yourself. References are also must include in the application. 

What are the supporting documents?

You have to submit a work sample or research sample, cover letter, proposal. These supporting documents are necessary for your application process. In the next section, you have to give your educational background detail. Finally, the last team completes the declaration of application submission.

What is Fee and funding process?

The application fee is a typical fee that assists in funding the administration of the application process and the creation and maintenance of the systems utilized in this process, among other things. It used to deliver our Graduate Access programs as part of the University’sUniversity’s commitment to increasing access to study at Oxford. It helps us support applicants and potential applicants from all backgrounds at every stage of their journey into graduate study at Oxford.

Grants And Loans 

The University of Oxford is authorized to approve loan applications under the Direct Loan Program, a United States federal loan program available solely to nationals of the United States. Private loans are also accessible, even though most applicants from the United States are qualified for these loans. You can usually borrow up to your entire cost of attendance. The University can also process applications for the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Post-9/11 GI Bill. 


Scholarships provide an equal opportunity for people all around the world to earn an education. Without assistance from an outside source, students may have trouble paying for the degree. With the aid of scholarships, students can focus more time on their studies.

Oxford provides an opportunity to the brightest candidates by covering their tuition fees and living costs at the Graduate level worldwide. Scholarships are usually awarded based on academic excellence and are available for the entire theoretical range of Oxford’s graduate courses. If you apply by the corresponding January deadline, they will consider you automatically for most Oxford scholarships.

Fund for Clarendon

Every year, the Clarendon Fund offers more than 130 complete bonds. Clarendon scholarship is financed by Oxford University Press, Oxford colleges, and other partner organizations, covering entire living costs and a considerable subsidy for living expenses, considering everyone who applies to it. Currently, Oxford has 90 US Clarendon scholars. www.clarendon.ox.ac.uk

Rhodes and the United States. In 1904, the first American scholars from Rhodes travelled to Oxford. Oxford’s Rhodes bonds are distinctive and have helped recruit bright American graduates to Oxford. Thirty-two scholars are chosen from over 300 American colleges and universities each year. Home.ox.ac.uk www.rhodes

Program of Frost Scholarship

The Frost Scholarship Program offers ten full-time bursaries to current Florida State University System students to study a one-year full-time masters in science, technology, engineering, and math at Oxford University.

Other financing sources for US students around the UniversityUniversity include:

  • Ertegun Graduate Scholarship in Humanities Program.
  • Marshall Scholarships.
  •  Fulbright Oxford Clarendon Scholarships 
  • Santander Graduate Awards


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