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How to get Bright and Glowing Skin after Pregnancy

Women experience many changes during pregnancy and post-pregnancy because of the hormonal change the skin went through a roller coaster of different skin problems. During pregnancy and post-pregnancy, Women usually face skin darkness, pigmentation, and acne. Post-delivery women went through many changes physically and emotionally, and one of the reasons for skin breakout is stress.

The immense changes in the body make a woman more stressed about their appearance, but everything will fall back to its place with time. Stretch marks, pigmentation, dark skin, and puffy eyes due to sleepless nights will take a little to fade away on their own. Postpartum depression is very common; it is the time when women need extra care and relaxation mentally and physically. Yoga for mental peace is very beneficial and also beneficial for getting skin glow back.

Postpartum complications:


Melasma also call the mask of pregnancy due to increased estrogen and progestin. The other reason is genetic, which causes Melasma to appear on the skin during pregnancy and after birth. But when the hormonal level is normal, it will fade away on its own. Mothers need to avoid direct exposure to sunlight to protect their skin from Melasma.

Dry skin

Because of the increased level of hormones, skin became extremely dry. Drinking 8 glasses of water will prevent dryness and keep the skin hydrated. The postpartum dryness will take up to six mothers. New mothers should keep their skin moisturized, especially in winters.


High progesterone levels and postpartum depression causes skin breakout because of the hormonal fluctuation and the increased sebum skin breakouts and experiencing hormonal acne.

Puffy eyes

Because of the compromised sleeping pattern and insufficient sleep, look puffy, and the dark circle appears. Eating healthy and maintaining sleeping hours will reduce puffiness.

Pigmentation and dark skin 

It runs in genes, and mommies need to protect themself from direct sun exposure and keep using sunscreens no matter if you are outdoor or indoor.

Mothers should do exercise, which is good for their physical and mental health. Eating healthy and drinking enough water is the key to maintaining a lot of body changes. Many women experience hypersensitivity after the delivery skin becomes so sensitive and irritation occurs when exposed to a small amount of light or contact with anything that has fragrance. Some allergies need medical treatments as well. Keep taking multivitamins to provide the body with sufficient nutrients. The right Skincare regimen helps in bringing the skin glow back. Enjoying the skincare routine with motherhood will not only positively affect the skin but seeing your skin improve day by day also gives you confidence. Some points to focus on post-delivery for getting the skin glow back is to give yourself some time to relax, keep your healthy diet maintained, keep taking the multivitamins, drink enough water, exercise once a day, and follow the skincare regimen.

The basic skincare routine: 

  • Cleanse your skin with a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type. Especially at night, don’t forget to clean your skin before going to bed. The cleaner will unclog the pores and impurities that will stop acne growth.
  • Maintaining the PH level of the skin is also very necessary; using the toner will keep the PH level maintain.
  • Exfoliating your skin will remove dead cells from your skin and make the skin soft clean, and supple.
  • Moisturizing your skin is very important because the postpartum skin is already very dry.
  • A night cream will give results in a shorter span because at night; our skin is repaired.
  • Sunscreen is a must in a skincare regimen because, in pregnancy, the skin is already hypersensitive. The skin irritation triggers easily when it’s exposed to sunlight.
  •  Use the cucumber slice or a cold compress to reduce the puffiness of the eyes.

Personal mother care for skin

Bringing new life into this world is not easy. A mother has to sacrifice her sleep and face many complications as well. Taking care of the newborn and themselves makes them lazy and dull. The body of the woman experiences many changes before and after delivery. Skin dullness, pigmentation, hair loss, and stretch marks are some common changes.

Post-delivery women are suggested to take multivitamins, vitamin C. Sometimes women experience skin complexion dullness. There are many Full-body whitening products available for full-body whitening. The body whitening supplements contain glutathione and collagen C, not only the skin, but both ingredients are great for nails and hair. If you are taking any supplements like this, you are suggested to consult your doctor first.

Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in women’s bodies, not physically but emotionally as well. So to get the skin glow back, women should give themselves some me-time to relax their mind and body. New mothers have stressed because of the hectic routine, and sometimes this stress is because of post-pregnancy depression. Stress causes acne by releasing the hormone called cortisol, which is responsible for oil production. To prevent the oil, mothers should try to wash their face at least twice. Another thing that is suggested is yoga which is good for skin and mental peace as well.

The bridge Yoga pose is a great yoga pose for postpartum. Doing Yoga is also safe after pregnancy; it is also beneficial for mood swings. There is also some face yoga to tighten the skin. Eating healthy fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins will bring a glow.

Nuts are rich in nutrients and also very good for women post-delivery. The nut contains many important nutrients which give the skin glow. Also, meat is full of protein which is very good for new mothers because they are feeding the baby, and their body is already very weak. Some other foods like beans yogurt are also very beneficial for new moms and their skin as well.

Skin dullness after the pregnancy mostly is because of hormonal fluctuation and stress. Dark circles and puffiness are because of sleepless nights, so mothers should take a short nap when the baby is sleeping.

Stretch marks, acne, pimples, dark patches, and many changes physically and emotionally women face for bringing the new life into the world. Seeing those tiny hands makes them forget about everything. The super ladies come back to the track by eating healthy and following the best skin care regimen. All the postpartum complications will no longer last. Just hold on, new mommies, and after some time, your face will glow back, stay positive and confident.


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