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How to Gain Instagram Followers by Having a Consistent Style

There are two major ways to get more engagement on Instagram: using hashtags and having a consistent style. Both of these are very powerful tools that will increase the engagement and traffic on your page. Let’s first talk about using hashtags.

A #hashtag is a shortcode that users can use on their submissions. These can be used to describe a photo or description of something in your post. This is very valuable because it breaks down what people are looking for and makes it easier for them to find what they are looking for.

Method to Gain More Engagement

So how did Instagram start using hashtags? My first stop was Twitter. I saw that everyone was starting to use it just seemed natural to me. It turns out that many developers building applications can track keywords and use hashtags to promote their pages. This became a great tool for businesses that want to gain followers on Instagram. Another method that I started using was posting my posts.

I would take a picture of something interesting, or I would write a new post with my results and post the link to my posts. I got several hundred new followers within the first few days. I was very surprised by the growth, and I continue to use this method to gain more engagement.

High-Quality Engagement Groups

So now we want to know how we get followers on Instagram interested in what we have to say. Well, the answer is simple. It would help if you found great engagement groups that have high reputations and high engagement rates. If you can find one of these groups and work alongside the owner, you can skyrocket your profile’s engagement and get more followers.

Once I found these high-quality groups to engage with, I would ask if they had any hashtags. If they did, I would post a link to one of my posts and encourage others to post it. In addition to the high-quality engagement groups, another way to get new followers is to put some content out there.

Sometimes I put together an instructional video or article and repost it along with a link back to my site. This increased my traffic substantially and helped me gain many new followers. If you take the time to create great content and share it with others, you’ll find many ways to get new followers on Instagram.

Maximize your Advertising Efforts

As a bonus, once I started attracting many followers, I got many new friends on the platform as well. It was very easy to attract followers with the power of hashtags. This worked because it allowed people to search for specific terms, and I was able to place more emphasis on my key points in my posts.

If you keep your content interesting and valuable, you’ll increase followers on Instagram by using hashtags. The final way to get followers on Instagram is to use the #hash tag strategy. Every time you post on Instagram, you can add the hashtag #hash tag.

This is similar to how you would use other social media sites like Twitter or Facebook by adding the hashtag to your posts. By tagging your posts with hashtags, you’ll get people from across the platform to post your content and create momentum for your page.

My goal was to build a community around my blog and offer great content. My goal also was to drive traffic and gain new followers. I was able to do both of those things by strategically using the analytics tools on Instagram. I would encourage you to look into the analytics tools offered on Instagram to maximize your advertising efforts.


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