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How do you know if you are an addict to something?

Are you looking for a way to know you are addicted to something or not? We all know addiction is a severe brain illness. Usually, people take it so lightly, but this is scary because addiction is not the usual thing. According to the American society of addiction medicine, It is also a chronic disease like other diseases. So it’s the right time for all of us to take it as a severe issue and find some solution to it. But the eternal question is that how to know if you are addicted to something.

It is not that difficult to recognize addiction sign in You self .you can be addicted to anything at any age. Still, usually, people become an addict at a younger generation, teenage is an immature stage of life where people want to do fun and enjoyment that alright but sometimes they cross the line of entertainment and becomes addicted to various things such as games, singing, swimming tv and partying with friends. This is not good because addiction has many side effects too.

Moreover, it is necessary to recognize addiction signs in yourself because you are the only one who can help yourself. When you become addict to something, various kinds of changes occur in your lifestyle and personality. No doubt people also can observe changes in you when becoming addict to something you can also feel these changes.

Here are few signs mentioned below; if you want to know about yourself that you are addicted to something or not, check these signs in yourself.

When it became your top priority

In a short time, you’ll notice that you only prioritize your addiction. Your family time decreases. You stop socializing with your friend. You avoid gatherings where you can’t take drugs or alcohol. You start finding all other things bothersome and unpleasant in search of your addiction. You don’t fear telling a lie to your loved one.
You stop taking care of yourself even. You only focus on your addiction. You don’t do exercise or take care of hygiene anymore. You forget Everything in the excitement of your addiction. You feel like sex; shoppings are the only things that can make you feel happy. Thus you’ll give importance to your obsession over all other things.

When you make a terrible choice and take the unneeded risk for it

When you change your priorities, it also has some consequences. For example, you don’t focus on your job and risk your career in well-known companies for your addiction. It also makes your family and friends uncomfortable and frustrated. When you are high, sometimes you make huge mistakes. If you continue this addiction, you become depressed, sad, and desperate.

Moreover, addiction can damage your life. According to a report, 50 percent of addiction recovered patients stated that people think they relapse .this report further states that about 16 percent of people in us rejected for the job due to addiction history.

In short, addiction makes your life worst; that why avoid any kind of addiction in your life and live neutral energy.
You turn to it when you have problems.

It is proved that whenever an addict finds himself stuck in some trouble, he starts taking drugs. He considers his addiction a safe place. However, your habits and addiction can’t solve your problems and have zero effects on your issues. Still, addicts think that going back to your habits makes sense.

Moreover, an addict thinks this is the only way to solve their life issue, which is not a reality.

You make an excuse when family and friends show concerns

It becomes pretty easy to say to your dear ones that you don’t understand the situation from which you are going through. It’s entirely possible to think that they don’t understand your need. If someone tries to help you to get relief from this addiction, you deny it. But you don’t want to leave this
You make fake promises to them, but deep inside, you know you cant fulfill this promise. Your quality time with family and friends gradually decreases due to your addiction.

Someone a person didn’t accept that he’s addicted. He assures his dear ones that he’ll not drink or take drugs more. He’ll avoid this habit, but this doesn’t happen. Eventually, he drinks or takes drugs but doesn’t let his family know. This breaks the bonds and relationships. So always try to get over your habit unless it causes permanent issues like losing the trust of dear ones or separation from family.

You developed a tolerance to it.

One thing which happens in drug addiction is substance resistance. Your body becomes resistant to the same amount of substance. Day by day, you need more sense to feel high. For this, you’ll have to observe either your amount of drugs increases day by day. If it is so then, you are a substance abuser. In the case of drug abusers, overdoes lead to death.
That’s why it stops you from becoming an addict of anything special drug addict, and you can lose your life in drug or substance addiction.

You cannot stop taking the drug and start feeling withdrawal symptoms when you try :

It is human nature that we try not to take the things that harm our physical and mental health and make us unable to perform our daily life activities. But for an addict, it is hurting when they try to avoid these drugs. To a degree, they are also suitable.

Withdrawal symptoms appearance is the commonest sign that you have become addicted to that specific drug. Withdrawl is a state in which you experience illness-like symptoms after stopping the drug intake. For different drugs, there are different kinds of withdrawal symptoms. Those who are alcoholics experience involuntary tremors.

Final words:

it is a fact that addiction is a severe mental illness but curable. If you feel you have all the symptoms mentioned below, so you have to help yourself. First of all, explain Everything to your loved one you think will help you in this position; after that, consult an understanding GP who will ask you a few questions about you and your lifestyle and answer all the questions honestly. After this, he will suggest you treatment or therapy according to your condition and help you recover from addiction.


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