Fernanda Gómez Biography And Why Is She Famous

You may not know who Fernanda Gómez is, but you know of her husband, Canelo Alvarez. Fernanda Gómez is the wife of a Mexican boxer and six-time world champion Canelo Álvarez. She has always been seen by his side at his fights and any press conference, showing her support and love for him and their family. Fernanda has never been in the spotlight herself, but after her marriage to Canelo, she became somewhat of a celebrity in her own right.

People want to know about personal life details and career-related information about Fernanda Gomez. Therefore, we have come up with astonishing facts and figures that will help you learn more about everything in detail. Here’s everything you need to know about Fernanda Gómez.

Who is Fernanda Gómez?

Fernanda Gómez is a famous model and actress in Mexico. She was born in Mexico. And she starts her career with Televisa, where she became successful. It has become trendy for playing roles on television. In addition to his job, he is also dedicated to modeling and his sister Martha Gómez. Fernanda Gomez Instagram followers have more than 7 million. Which makes it one of most following Mexican on social networks.

Nowadays, he lives with his husband, Canelo Alvarez. Canelo Alvarez (Professional Boxer). And he also gives a lot of importance to keeping his personal life beautiful. Because of its success, many people want to know how much Fernanda Gomez’s net worth? According to their income, they live a fantastic lifestyle. Fernanda got different brand deals by which she earns enormous money.

Height of Fernando Gómez

Fernando Gomez’s height is 5’5″. And she weighs 55 kgs which are equal to 154 lbs. There are a lot of people who think Fernanda looks intelligent and beautiful. Her complete name is Fernanda Gomes, and she was born on June 22, 1996, in Mexico.

Occupation of Fernando Gomez

Fernando is an entrepreneur who runs a clothing brand whose reach extends to platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Fernando has her own YouTube channel, in which she talks about issues such as body image and promoting self-love. This work led her to receive multiple MTV Iggy and Teen Vogue awards. For now, Fernanda Gomez remains very popular on social networks, with more than seven million followers on Instagram alone. Which speaks of its popularity.

Not only has her modeling career flourished, but his relationship with Canelo Alvarez gives prominence to his life beyond Hollywood. In addition to being a businesswoman. Fernanda Gomez Canelo is famous for representing Mexico in beauty pageants. Shortly after that, she abandoned his job as a model and dedicated himself to projects that would later generate great fame.

The age of Fernanda Gomez

The age of Fernanda Gómez is 25 years old. Fernanda Gomez is a gorgeous Mexican model who wins many hearts with her beauty and elegance. It is incredible how popular she has become within such a short period because people adore her personality, style statement, attitude towards life, and other works. On the other hand, during these days, it seems pretty hard to find someone who does not know about Canelo Alvarez.

But if you do not watch his fights, we would like to mention here that he is one of the best boxers in Mexico. He is popular with Canelo, which means cinnamon due to hair colour. However, there are so many personalities that get popular day by day. Does another question arise why Fernanda Gómez is famous? There are some reasons which tell us why she became so popular and gets the attention of every person around.

The net worth of Fernanda Gómez

According to many sources, Canelo Alvarez wife’s, Fernanda Gomez’s net worth is 20 million dollars. Her primary source of income includes being a model and an actress. She started her career as a model in her home country. Until now, she has been among the most famous models from Mexico. Fernanda Gómez is popular for taking pictures and being one of the Mexican celebrities who marry Canelo Álvarez. He is also a famous boxer from Mexico. He owns a boxing club that he opened called Golden Boy Promotions Company. Which promotes all his fights around America and Europe too. The same company promotes other fighters such as Floyd Mayweather Jr., Adrien Broner, Marcos Maidana, and other boxers.

Love story of Fernanda Gómez and Canelo

Fernanda Gómez WIKI

Fernanda Gómez is a Mexican actress and former model. Canelo Alvarez is a Mexican boxer famous as Canelo or the sweet fighter. Fernanda and Canelo met in 2016 during an awards ceremony in Mexico City. After that, they begin dating each other. And according to sources, their first date was at El Cardenal restaurant. In February 2017, after Canelo Alvarez girlfriend make her interview with Somos magazine, she publicly announce her relationship with him. And later in 2017, it’s officially confirmed by Canelo himself while he give his speech while accepting his Ring Magazine’s Fighter of The Year award.

How did she meet Canelo Alvarez?

They meet while they were both doing training in Mexico City. People say that it was love at first sight for Canelo and Fernanda. But what most people do not know is that when they meet. Canelo was already engaged to another woman. Although he promise her parents that he would marry her, Canelo girlfriend knew that he want to be with her. So, instead of going forward with his marriage plans. Canelo broke off his engagement and start a relationship with Fernanda. Therefore they are now husband and wife.

As Canelo Alvarez’s wife

Canelos wife Fernanda Gomez is one of those women who use to remain in Canelo’s shadow. But there are people who wish her well. Fernanda has been able to manage Canelo’s life and without a doubt. She makes him a better man and ensures that he stays out of trouble. Since their wedding on May 15, 2021. Now, they are a great couple from outside and inside as well. Fernanda can be proud of herself as she has been successful enough to make her dream true with her actions.

It was not easy for Fernanda gómez. But it seems like she would never give up and try hard to get what she wants. Canelo consider everything about Fernanda when he asked her for his hand. Therefore, Canelo said she deserves all my love because we first meet each other at an amusement park. Their mutual attraction made them a great couple but unfortunately, they had no idea where their relationship will go. At that time they were only 20 years old and didn’t know that they will end up in a long-term relationship later on.

Does Canelo have a child with Fernanda Gómez?

Rumors have been circulating about Canelo daughter. This means that Canelo Alvarez has a child with Fernanda Gomez. Yes, Gomez and Alvarez have a daughter Maria Fernanda, who was born in 2017. Since then she become more popular as Canelo Alvarez wife. There is also talk of a second child. Most rumors say Canelo’s son. However, there is no confirmation if it’s true or not.

The main thing right now is Canelo only focuses on his career before thinking about having children again. It might be too soon for him since his first kid just turned 2 years old. As time goes by, Canelo will most likely have another baby to complete his family. But Fernanda gómez hasn’t had any new pregnancy gossip so far. Until an official statement appears we won’t know if Canelo has another one coming.

Do they have any other children?

If you want to know about Canelo Alvarez kids. Canelo Alvarez has revealed he wants to have kids with his previous girlfriend. When he is a relationship. The 35-year-old boxer welcomes a son, which names Liam Álvarez, with his ex-partner actress Paloma Jiménez. However, Canelo and Paloma’s relationship was severed when she claimed he cheated on her with several women throughout their time together. While Alvarez is keeping his love life out of the public eye since his split from Paloma.

However, once question if having children is important for him. He says: Yes, I am already thinking about it as soon as possible because I like children so much. He added: I would like to do it with someone I trust who will be an example for my children. So Canelo Alvarez wants kids and he hopes to have them sooner rather than later.

Where do they live together?

Fernanda and Canelo Alvarez are living together in a house in Guadalajara. They have been seen to be cohabiting with each other since after their marriage on May 15, 2021. Their home is located in Guadalajara. According to Canelo’s manager, Al Haymon in an interview sat that his client spends more time at his home than he does at his own house which locates nearby. The couple’s home has been said to be huge.

One of their neighbors claims that it seems like there is never anyone inside when you go by their residence. Except for maybe occasionally someone going out or coming back from somewhere late at night. This was odd because according to him she seems like a very social person which meant she wasn’t spending much time there. It also maybe because they are newly married so they aren’t as close as most people say newlyweds should be.


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