The coronavirus has led people of various disciplines to work from home, and they have all done so successfully. Since WFH is a validated way to operate effectively, companies are understandably looking for opportunities to expand their remote work processes. At a time when software has become so important in the business world, it is necessary to test quality control software for the benefit of your company. Fortunately, TFT plays an important role in software testing outsourcing, allowing companies to continue to run smoothly and efficiently.

Learn more about the Remote Software Testing Services offered by Think Future Technologies.

TFT and its mission

Think Future Innovations is a business leader in providing technology-related support and various testing services for the benefit of businesses. They provide technical tools to clients around the world, allowing them to maintain the efficiency of their software functions. TFT, based in Gurgaon, India, strives to bring world-class product optimization to various software testing outsourcing companies to help them achieve superior market outcomes. It has a wide range of business services, such as technical expertise, end-to-end software engineering, and infrastructure. It operates on multiple fronts and invests in technology ventures with multiple startups, designing and testing market strategies. TFT is well known for Outsourcing QA Testing and is a trusted remote software tester for many organizations.

Remote software testing by TFT

Using remote software testing transfers software security responsibilities to the organization or person to whom you outsource. There are several skills required to become a remote software tester. Some of the key skills required are DevOps and agile methodology, automation, web and mobile technologies, SDLC, rational analysis and logical thinking, social media, testing tools and techniques, programming, etc. TFT has an expert team of remote software testers who ensure all technical needs are met on time.

Remote software testing services can be beneficial to the business for 2 main reasons

Global access

One of the main advantages of remote testing is that it can be performed anywhere in the world, from the area where the company is based to the most distant regions where customers are located. This has the advantage that it is much easier to meet customer demands.

Affordable service and minimal effort:

Testing third-party remote applications is cheaper when overhead is eliminated. In addition, it relieves the burden on the company’s team and allows a specialized workforce to carry out the optimization process, generating exceptional results.

Software testing outsourcing: one of the biggest secrets of successful companies

Software companies use software testing outsourcing to take advantage of benefits ranging from lower-cost labor, better quality, to product and service innovation. With the help of third-party software testing services, software companies can potentially eradicate the need to invest in the high-end software and hardware required to carry out testing in-house.

TFT offers software testing services with quality assurance and successful execution. Software Testing by TFT has the potential to significantly improve the efficiency of an internal software product. TFT’s automation engineers have years of experience with a wide range of automation tools and facilities, ensuring that the necessary demands are met with ease and competence. Our automation test service is bound to have an excellent ROI, as well as ensuring that the application is verified to function properly.

Businesses can significantly increase the accuracy of their applications using specialized strategies provided by TFT’s third-party software testing services.

Why is software testing outsourcing necessary?

Software testing services significantly reduce the time required to test a routine release and allow companies to reduce product launch time. They are also used to improve the performance and competitiveness of supply chain management. Predominantly, software testing helps to:

  • Improve management accuracy and reduce turnover time.
  • Improve business success
  • Improve customer satisfaction


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