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17 Best Gifts For You Pet Dog or Cat

A gift for your pet? What could possibly be better than that?! Well, we’re glad you asked because there are plenty of gift ideas out there. So we’ve compiled a list of 17 awesome gifts for pets to help make your gift-giving easier this holiday season!

This blog post is all about gift-giving and provides the reader with some great gift ideas if they have a pet or know someone who does.

17 Awesome Gifts for Pets: 

A New Toy: 

Toys keep pets busy, which helps them stay calm during times of stress or boredom. So whether they enjoy playing with stuffed animals or getting into all sorts of mischief outside in the yard, there is bound to be something on our list below that will intrigue them! 


Your pup deserves high-quality food from bowls made especially for dogs (or a gift card to the pet store). We like feeding our pup from stainless steel bowls that are easy to clean and won’t react with food.

A Bed: 

Every creature deserves a cozy place to sleep, especially on cold winter nights! Pets love beds made for them because they know it’s their personal space where they can feel safe. But, of course, there are many different types of pets out there, so we have compiled two lists below: one for cats and one for dogs.

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Food/Water Bowls gift set: 

This gift will be perfect if you have friends or family over this holiday season who don’t want to share water buckets with your furry friend in the living room (or, even worse, let him drink off their plate!). These gift sets come with a bowl for food and one for water.

Toys Gift Set:

There are two reasons why every pet needs toys in its life: it’s fun, and they help to keep pets occupied during times of stress or boredom! Our gift set includes three different types of toys that will satisfy the need to chew, chase, or carry around something – even if it is just until you get home from work!

A new collar/leash combo gift set:

Pets can be picky about their accessories, so we recommend getting them both at the same time instead of risking not being able to find anything your pup likes. This gift also comes with an adorable sweater that helps beat winter chills while keeping your furry friend cozy. 

A gift card: 

If you’re not sure what to get your pet, a gift card is an easy way to make them happy! We recommend giving food and treats the gift because we all know how much pets love their snacks. You can also put it towards purchasing new high-quality bowls or even that perfect bed they’ve been eyeing on Amazon.

Gift certificate for grooming services:

Grooming is essential in maintaining a healthy coat, but sometimes life gets busy, so why not give someone else the task? A gift certificate will ensure that your pup’s fur stays soft this winter, no matter where he goes.

Chew toys/Rawhide bones/Treats: 

There are many types of chews out there these days, but we like the ones that have a different flavor or texture inside with nutrients to keep your furry friend healthy. Of course, the gift of treats is always appreciated!

A gift certificate for boarding services: 

If you’re going on vacation this holiday season and want someone else to look after your pup, there are many pet hotels out there that offer such services. It will ensure they have lots of fun socialization while you’re gone and come back rested and ready for anything!

Donations in their name: 

Do you know an animal shelter looking for new toys, food, blankets? We can’t forget about those animals too, so why not donate in their honor as well instead of bringing them home another gift they don’t need when a donation would go a long way to help!

A gift certificate for a pet psychic: 

Suppose you’re worried about your furry friend due to separation anxiety, illness or just need an expert opinion on their behavior. In that case, there are many pet psychics out there that can provide insight and reassurance. A gift card would make this service affordable, so they don’t have to worry if it’s something they’ve never done before. 

Gift certificates for dog walking services: 

There is nothing quite like the peace of mind knowing someone else will take care of your pup when you are not around. This gift ensures that even though you won’t be home at all times, he will get his daily exercise which helps with unwanted behaviors such as chewing furniture or barking in the house since they are bored.

A gift certificate for pet sitting services: 

If you’re planning to go on a holiday vacation, there’s no need to leave your furry friend home alone! A gift card will ensure someone else is taking care of them while you enjoy time away from the house and give him that extra love and attention he deserves. 

Dog bed/Cat tree combo gift set: 

Pets deserve their own space in every room, so if yours doesn’t have his soft place to sleep or climb up, this gift would be perfect for Christmas morning! The best part about it? It comes disassembled, so we can guarantee putting it together won’t take more than an hour (or even less!) 

Gift certificate for vet services: 

There are many types of gift cards to choose from when it comes to a veterinarian. Still, we recommend one that covers shots, exams, and even dental care because pets can get everything, including heartworm prevention, at the same time. 

A pet massage gift certificate: 

Pets love getting pampered just as much as humans do, so why not gift this service instead? Pet massages offer physical therapy for animals with arthritis or other joint problems; they help relieve stress in traumatized dogs and cats, which leads to better behavior overall. It’s truly an experience, unlike any others!


Gifts for pets can be a great way to show them how much you love and care about them. But, with so many gifts out there, it’s hard to know which ones are the best option. So, we’ve compiled this list of our favorite gift ideas that every pet will adore! These items range from practical everyday necessities like food bowls and toys to more extravagant luxuries like luxurious beds or personalized dog clothing. With these options in mind, we hope you have an easier time finding the perfect present for your furry friend(s) next Christmas!


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